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PS3 firmware update to boost Blu-ray interactivity

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on 12 October 2007

Sony has announced plans to release a firmware for the PlayStation 3 that will reportedly boost Blu-ray interactivity.

News comes following yesterday’s panel discussion at the HDTV DisplaySearch conference in Universal City, California, where Sony’s Vice President of Advanced Technologies, Don Eklund, stated that the update would be released "soon."

Eklund did not divulge any further information at the time.

Sources have conjectured, however, that the most likely outcome would have Sony offering PS3 compatibility for some of the Profile 1.1 Blu-ray specs, a feature that is not currently supported by regular Blu-ray players, such as true video picture-in-picture playback.

Several upcoming movies will include features required to run off Profile 1.1, including Hairspray, Rush Hour 3 and Pan’s Labyrinth.

Stay tuned for more information as it breaks.