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Digital Life America survey results

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According to a survey done by Digital Life America, seventy six percent of the twelve hundred people they spoke with had at least one "digital lifestyle product" on their Christmas wish list.

This may seem awful high, but given today's market, these numbers sound about right. Some of the results, however, may surprise you.

The number one item wanted this year is a flat screen HDTV, strongly supporting the view that HD is certainly ready to take over. As for gaming, the Wii takes the most sought after games console for this year, with 9% of the testers' response. Immediately next highest on the survey was the PS3 console, with 7%.

The Xbox 360 just missed the top ten list, coming in 12th.

The survey also tracked the differences in women's lists as opposed to men. When this data was calculated, the PS3 and Xbox 360 appeared on the top ten for men, but not women. Nine percent of the women, however, did wish for a Wii under the tree this year.

Now, given that this survey was only given to ages 18 and up, this certainly does not show the views of a large piece of the gaming audience. It does, however, show the views on the older gamers. Be sure to check back for up to date and accurate sales figures as this holiday season progresses.