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Sniper Elite V2 has U.K. retailers in its sights

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on 4 May 2012

World War II shooter Sniper Elite V2 has shipped to retailers across the U.K., publisher 505 games has announced.

A revamp of the critically acclaimed 2005 original, Sniper Elite V2 takes place during the tail end of WWII, with players hopping into the well-worn boots of U.S. OSS agent Karl Fairburne.

Stalking through the war-torn streets of Berlin, Fairburne must hunt down key enemy targets as he attempts to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Nazi’s V-2 rocket program, before Stalin’s Red Army can get their mitts on this dangerous technology.

The game places keen emphasis on stealth and features the return of the original game’s ‘kill cam,’ allowing for gruesome close-ups of successful kills. Sniper Elite V2 also offers two-player online co-op, allowing you tackle the main campaign with a buddy.

Speaking on the game’s release, Jason Kingsley, CEO of developer Rebellion, commented: “We’re delighted to bring Sniper Elite V2 to the current generation of consoles.”

“This is no run-and-gun shooter; it’s an authentic sniping experience – rewarding stealth, forcing the player to use their brain as well as their thumbs. We’re extremely proud of how this game looks and plays – gamers are in for an absolute treat.” will have a full review of Sniper Elite V2 up in the next couple of days. Stay tuned.