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Lego Lord of the Rings in development?

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on 10 May 2012

Developer Traveller’s Tales is chiselling away on a Lego version of Lord of the Rings, according to a listing on ShopTo’s official website.

The retailer quickly pulled the product information page, which listed the game for an October 26 launch. Only the Xbox 360 version was mentioned, though we can safely assume it’ll arrive on other platforms including PlayStation 3.

The listing can still be viewed via Google cache, which you can see here.

A Lego version of Lord of the Rings wouldn’t exactly be that much of a surprise, seeing as how we’ve already seen numerous franchises adapted into block-tastic adventures, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman.

It’s also worth noting that a new, Lego-inspired toy line based on the Lord of the Rings will be released later this year, plus we’ve also got Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit film due in December. We'll be sure to keep you updated.