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Square dates Hitman: Absolution, reveals Hitman: Sniper Challenge

Stealthy sequel Hitman: Absolution will be released globally on November 20, Square Enix has revealed.

Absolution will be released for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 platforms.

Elsewhere, the publisher also confirmed that it will release Hitman: Sniper Challenge for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 15. The shooter will be made available exclusively as part of a pre-order incentive for Absolution.

Gamers who plonk down the cash early for the action-adventure sequel will receive a code redeemable via the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live.

Sniper Challenge sees Agent 47 camping out on balcony in Chicago where he must assassinate Stallion Armaments CEO Richard Strong, Jr. and his armed goons, who are busy living it up on a nearby rooftop party.

Hitman’s brand director Jon Brooke commented: “Agent 47 is the best in the business so it seemed appropriate to create the best pre-order reward possible for our fans.”

“Hitman: Sniper Challenge is a way of thanking customers and giving them a taste of Agent 47’s skills from the moment they pre-order the game.”