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Rumour: Resistance: Fall of Man 2 details

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on 15 October 2007

According to Internet reports, a sequel to Insomniac’s PlayStation 3 launch title, Resistance: Fall of Man is currently in development and scheduled for release in November 2008.

As reported by, the game is supposedly going to be set in North America, and follows an as-of-yet unnamed protagonist as he battles his way through the Chimera invasion of the United States. Locations so far are said to include Chicago and San Francisco.

Additionally, a number of new vehicles will be featured in the game, including three new airborne crafts as well as returning ones from the first game, and will also be included in the multiplayer levels. Finally, the sequel is said to end on a cliffhanger, hinting toward a third iteration at some point in the future.

As it stands, we advise you to take this as nothing more than speculation at this point, at least until word is received from either Sony or Insomniac on the matter.

Source: Kotaku