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Review Roundup: Max Payne 3

on 15 May 2012

Max Payne is back. If you played the original two games over a decade ago, then that might be a little difficult to wrap your mind around. Believe or not, gun-toting, bullet-time diving, and painkiller consuming character Max Payne is as relevant as ever. Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews below (or ours).

Playstation Official Magazine UK [80/100]

“A dark, cinematic single-player campaign lasting around ten hours coupled with a compelling multiplayer offering make this a worthy addition to the genre, even if it can't quite compete in the very top tier. But for legacy's sake, we hope that this time Max's retirement is permanent.”

Game Informer [93/100]

“As much as Max Payne 3 is a fascinating portrait of a man, it tells a great, action-packed story that runs in-stride with Max's inner turmoil.”

Giant Bomb [80/100]

“Rockstar has taken a lot of risks in the ways it has reshaped the series with Max Payne 3, and there’s something to be said for opting out of the easy route. The aesthetic overhaul is certainly the most noticeable, though there's no understating the impact that certain gameplay modernizations have had on the experience. While fans might have a hard time processing the dramatic change in tone, it’s approached with a seriousness and conviction that I respect, and frankly, have come to expect from Rockstar.”

IGN [90/100]

“Action games continue to inch the dial towards 11, sometimes at the expense of their narrative integrity. Max Payne 3, however, has the conviction to reign in the action, imbue it with purpose - the spectacle still sparkles but it also makes sense.”

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