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Metal Gear Rising footage to surface before E3

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on 22 May 2012

Footage of Metal Gear Rising’s E3 demo will surface prior to the Los Angeles-based shindig early next month, Hideo Kojima has confirmed via Twitter.

Kojima previously released an image of Raiden from the demo’s title screen, which he apparently liked so much that he was able to get permission to have the footage released before E3.

Furthermore, the Metal Gear maestro labelled this image of Raiden as ‘Black/Dark Raiden.’ Why is he called this you ask? Kojima’s keeping mum on the subject, merely saying that it’s “a secret.” will be attending E3 this year so you can be sure we’ll bring you our impressions of the Metal Gear Rising demo as soon as we get our mitts on it. Stay tuned.

via Andriasang