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Review Roundup: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

on 22 May 2012


Futuristic weaponry is just fun to play with. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a game that not only revolves around new-age tech, but shows it off rather nicely.  Pair that up with a strong multiplayer (competitive and co-op) offering, and you’re in for some fun. 

It’s not perfect; however, there are more than enough redeeming factors in GR: FS.

Playstation Official Magazine UK [80/100]

“Only a slight lack of polish lets things down. Although it's generally a pretty game, poor character models and clipping make the cast of genero-men look like beardy versions of Morph. For all the novels sold, Clancy's PS3 titles still can't tell a compelling story, either. Yet with such a brilliantly playful toolset and strong online features (including four-player campaign co-op and a compelling wave-based Guerrilla mode) this is the most impressive soldier since that blue American bloke with the indestructible shield.”

Game Informer [75/100]

“Tom Clancy shooters have always drawn in military enthusiasts, but after a five-year hiatus Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is facing a much different battlefield. The co-op campaign and competitive multiplayer offer adequate experiences, but the aged graphics, unrefined controls, and cliché-ridden campaign betray the Future Soldier premise and compromise the game’s ability to compete with more technologically refined shooters.”

Joystiq [90/100]

“Whether you're looking to play online with your friends or simply want a lengthy, entertaining military campaign, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is easy to recommend. It's one of the best military shooters I've played. It doesn't push the boundaries of what we expect from that genre, but Future Soldier takes an approach that leaves little room for stagnant gameplay or retreading ground.”

IGN [85/100]

“A refreshing change from the current trend of thoughtless shooters, and in the moments when everything clicks together, it's hard to think of a more absorbing shooter.”

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