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Review Roundup: Sorcery

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on 23 May 2012

Sony’s latest PlayStation Move showpiece title, Sorcery, is being seen as one of the last bastions for the company’s motion controller. While we don’t exactly think it’s Move’s killer app, there are a few things about Sorcery that tickle our fancy. And we’re not the only ones – read on.

Playstation Official Magazine UK [80/100]

“Adventurers both young and old will appreciate the frantic battles against a range of fairytale monsters in medieval villages and deep underground caverns. As if by magic, it seems that Move has finally found its happily ever after.”

Game Informer [68/100]

“I like Sorcery, but the Move controls hold it back. It could have been a fun action game with an engaging story and environmental puzzles (I use the term "puzzle" generously, as they are all incredibly simple). Instead, Sorcery prepares you to hang framed pictures in your house by making you pretend to hammer a wall for five or six hours.”

EGM [60/100]

“The gimmick driven combat system holds Sorcery back, as fun quickly turns to frustration after each misfire from your wand. And this is a shame given the predictable, but charming story that Sorcery tries to tell through vibrant characters and the beautiful world they occupy.”

GameTrailers [71/100]

“Sorcery embraces the Move's functionality to deliver something only possible with gesture-based controls, even if they're still not quite optimal. It's unfortunate that Sony couldn't muster a more complete package with extra content and incentives to come back after completing the single player mode.”

IGN [75/100]

“One of the best PlayStation Move games, but I think most gamers will question why and how Sorcery took so long to create. With a short adventure, no replay value and no online functionality to speak of, Sorcery is a one-off. A fun one-off, for sure, but a one-off that likely won't push PlayStation Move controllers off the shelves.”

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