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Lego Star Wars: Completing the Saga

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on 26 May 2007

Many gamers young and old have been playing the hit titles of Lego Star Wars. The games have ventured into every detail of the infamous trilogies of movies, in a funny and unique way. Gamers are literally cutting people in half, blowing them into pieces, and knocking heads off.

Traveller's Tales, the great guys that brought Lego to life (well, gaming life), are planning to bring both versions of Lego Star Wars into one final game to complete a Star Wars trilogy. The game will have a revamped version of both earlier versions of Lego Star Wars with some added twists.

Traveller's Tales stated they will include a variety of new characters, levels, and even some bonus features. The Episode II's flying car chase was a specific event pointed out to be improved . The first installment of the series was blown away by the second so Traveller's Tales is planning to bring key features from both games and put them together to create a perfect experience for both versions of the game. The DS version of the game will be completely rebuilt from the ground up, but all the others will possess mostly original work that made the game great. However, it will not just be a last generation port to this generation.

Along with the major announcement, Traveller's Tales also stated that they want to take advantage of each consoles key features. For example, they stated that for Xbox 360 and PS3 they will include extensive online play, while Wii and DS will have a more unique style of game play using the system's control features.

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is expected to ship this fall.