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E3 2012 Awards: Best RPG

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on 12 June 2012

We're not going to lie: South Park and Dishonored have been on our minds for days. As huge South Park fans, we’d love to see Obsidian deliver a full-scale RPG based on the universe created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. And obviously Dishonored looks fantastic. Almost like a futuristic Bioshock made by Bethesda.

However, only one RPG on the show floor kept us wanting to come back over, and over. It might be the addictive nature of the game, it might be the great new visuals, or it might even be the even-funnier-this-time dialogue. Borderlands 2 wins our “Best RPG” award.

The team over at Gearbox took all the criticism (and praise) that the original Borderlands got, went back to the drawing board, and totally reworked the game. This was a tough one, but we know we’ll love Borderlands 2. It almost hurts to say that it sold us even more than Dishonored did, but, it did.

Runner up: Dishonored