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Advantage, Sonic?

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Sega to make Sonic more like Mario, by giving him the centre stage in a sports franchise.

Sega today announced that a new game, Sega Superstars Tennis, is in the works for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PS2, and will feature a myriad of Sega characters in a Tennis game. The legendary Sonic Team is not making the game, however; instead, the title will be produced by a studio who call themselves ‘Sumo Digital’.

Obviously, the name comes from the EyeToy collection of minigames from the PS2, so will that mean that we’ll be seeing the likes of House of the Dead Zombies and Billy Hatcher as playable characters? Who knows.

Sonic has not had a good run of games as of late, only good ones of note being on Nintendo consoles. Maybe this will be as fun as the N64 Mario Tennis game of yore, and bring back a bit of respect for the series? One can only hope.

Stay tuned.

Source: TSS/Sonic News