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New Dead Space novel announced

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on 19 June 2012

Tor Books has announced that Dead Space: Catalyst, a brand new novel based in the universe of Electronic Arts’ hugely successful Dead Space videogame series, is to be published globally on October 2.

The novel will once again be penned by B.K. Evenson, and follows on from Dead Space: Martyr, which was released in 2010.

Catalyst will take the form of a prequel to the original Dead Space videogame, and follows the tale of two brothers. See below for full details.

"Dead Space: Catalyst takes place three hundred years in the future, where mankind is tampering with the dangerous alien technology gleaned from the Black Marker, an ancient alien artifact discovered on Earth centuries earlier. Hoping to end resource constraints that threaten to make mankind extinct, the urgency sinks the already unscrupulous EarthGov to new lows.

At this early stage, the Marker threat is just appearing – and is maybe even contained – except if it finds the catalyst it so desperately seeks. Two brothers, one with a special but broken mind, the other forever conflicted by the impossible chore of keeping him out of trouble, cross paths with EarthGov and the Markers at this critical juncture and forever change the course of the Marker outbreak."

Publisher EA recently announced the release of Dead Space 3 for February 2013 on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. The game sees returning hero Isaac Clarke paired up with newcomer John Carver, as the duo battle against Necromorphs and other threats on an ice planet.