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PSone Classic Tomba! stomps onto PSN today

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on 19 June 2012

A refreshing mix of 2D platforming against 3D backgrounds made Tomba! an instant gem when it launched for the original PlayStation, and today's North American PS Store update will bring back this classic for the masses.

Developed by Monkey Paw Games, Tomba! pits the titular protagonist against hordes of evil pig enemies on a quest to retrieve his lucky golden bracelet. Along the way, the player can use a wide variety of weapons and perform side quests for Adventure Points, unlocking new areas to boot. Each of the hundreds of side quests is structured differently, so there's no chance for repetition here.

Tomba! is a genuinely charming platformer of which I hold fond memories, so if you're aching for some new digital gaming goodness, check it out when the PS Store updates later today.