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Turn-based Dungeon Twister brings fantasy and strategy to PSN July 3

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on 20 June 2012

Adapted from the famous board game of the same name, Dungeon Twister will bring tactical action in a world of swords and sorcery to the PlayStation Network on July 3.

The premise is simple: two teams of fantasy warriors are locked in a dungeon, and only one may leave. The eight rooms of the dungeon can be rotated to block would-be attackers, and units with various traits and combo abilities add tactical depth. For example, the brutish Troll is a force of devastation with regenerating health, but the Goblin is a speedy devil without much life force. In addition, magic objects capable of powering up your units and granting the upper hand are scattered throughout the dungeon.

The result is a game of strategy in which players position their units and prepare for a dynamic game phase that requires fast reaction and the ability to adapt your tactics on-the-fly. As a total rookie to the game, it's difficult for me to do the experience justice. Take a look at the game's official website for a deeper explanation and helpful hints written by the board game's creator.

A campaign mode with over 20 missions will teach you the game's basics and advanced strategies, while a variety of challenge modes and competitive gameplay options keep things fresh over time. Check out Dungeon Twister when it hits the PS Store on July 3, and use the comments below to let us know what you think of the variety of games coming to PSN this year.

Via press release.