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Rainbow Moon release date confirmed, coming to Europe and North America in July

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on 21 June 2012

Massive RPGs are something of a pipe dream in the digital space, but developer EastAsiaSoft seeks to bring exactly that to the PlayStation Network in a couple weeks. EastAsiaSoft has confirmed to IGN that Rainbow Moon will be available for download on July 4 in Europe and July 10 in North America.

Rainbow Moon is a turn-based strategy RPG deeply rooted in genre tradition. You can move your party members across the grid-based battlegrounds, execute attack commands and special abilities, and level up while journeying across a massive world acquiring new items and powers. Sounds like standard fare so far, although it's worth noting that enemy encounters can be triggered both randomly and by running into visible enemies on the world map.

What seems unique about the title is its gameplay depth, especially compared to other digital offerings. Hundreds of different enemies, over 120 special skills, and exhaustive skill management complements the game's muted yet charming aesthetic. Furthemore, the game will launch with full Trophy support, including over 50 Trophies and a Platinum.

Check out Rainbow Moon in two weeks (or three, depending), when it will go live on the PlayStation Store for $14.99.