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Capcom's Seth Killian joins SCE Santa Monica Studio

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on 3 July 2012

Street Fighter guru and former Capcom community boss Seth Killian has announced he has joined the team at Sony Santa Monica Studio – the developers responsible for the critically acclaimed God of War franchise.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Killian, who also founded EVO, confirmed he’s joined the California-based studio as lead game designer on the team.

As part of this external work force, Killian confirmed he’ll be mixing it up with a variety of Sony’s outside studios such as thatgamecompany, Superbot Entertainment and Fun Bits.

"Fighting games are very close to my heart, and as someone that's spent much of my life with traditional fighters, All-Stars has been a great opportunity to take a step back and rethink fighting fundamentals from the ground up," he commented.

"The entire team was put together from scratch to create this game, and they are loaded with fighting game superstars."

During his days at Capcom, Killian was considered the public face of the Street Fighter series over in the west, and has become a highly-regarded voice in the fighting game community. would like to wish Killian all the best in his new job and a hearty congratulations to boot.