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Confirmed: Final Fantasy VII is being re-released on PC

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on 4 July 2012

What is often referred to as the quintessential Final Fantasy experience by fans and Square-Enix alike, Final Fantasy VII has been confirmed for a re-release in 2012.

PlayStation fans haven’t stopped clamoring for a remake for years now, but it seems Square has only partly listened.

The new PC version will feature 36 achievements that you can compare online with friends; a “Character Booster” which will allow you to (essentially cheat by) upgrading your HP, MP and GIL; and support for Cloud saves. I’ll have you know that I fought the urge to make terrible puns about that last feature.

We realize that this isn’t exactly PlayStation news, but it’s a game that is near and dear to many of our hearts, so we thought you’d like to know. This isn’t even the first time FF7 has been released on PC.

Nothing else seems to have changed, meaning users will have to bear with the game’s dated graphics and sound—the latter of which is still great, soundtrack-wise.

Available exclusively on Square-Enix’s online store, the re-release is “coming soon.”

You can get wallpapers, character bios, concept art, PC specs, and more here.