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Consumers get educated on Blu-ray

One obstacle facing new technological products when released to the public is making sure that the consumer has acquired some form of understanding of their new product.

After all, a consumer does not want to invest tremendous amounts of money into something they have no clue about. That is why WaxWorks, a leading wholesale distributor of video media, is offering POP kits to educate their consumer base about the differences between the DVD and Blu-ray format.

Comprising of the kit will be two movie posters, three lanyards for employees, a demo DVD, and five brochures. Interesting enough to no surprise, WaxWorks will not be offering a kit for HD DVD.

"They need these tools to be able to educate their consumers, and many of them have questions themselves that haven't been answered," commented Kirk Kirkpatrick, president of WaxWorks video division. "We think that, after talking to the studios, they feel it's important to have one format, and they've already picked sides."

The promotional materials or “education kits” will ship October 29 and arrive to stores on the first week of November.

Source: Blu-ray.com