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One Piece Romance Dawn coming to PSP

on 11 July 2012

PlayStation Vita may have only just come out, but in Japan at least, the handheld is hardly stealing the limelight away from its aging predecessor.

In fact, PlayStation Portable is still enjoying steady sales on its home turf, and has frequently beaten PS Vita in the weekly sales battle (or at least up until a few weeks ago, that is). With a constant stream of new, often quirky titles, PSP is far from knocking on death's door in Japan, though the same sadly can’t be said about the west.

Regardless, Namco Bandai is one company that is continuing to support the platform, and this week announced that the firm is bringing One Piece Romance Dawn to PSP this winter.

The game takes the form of a traditional RPG featuring a command battle system. Players control Luffy, who must venture through familiar One Piece worlds all re-created in 3D. As you would expect from an RPG, Luffy can level up and enhance various attributes including attack, strength and speed and is customisable to boot.

Furthermore, the latest issue of Jump reveals that the battle system will pack more than just rudimentary turn-based mechanics, though details of this are being kept under wraps.

Stay tuned to PSU.com for more details as we get them.

via Andriasang