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New BioWare MMO a Star Wars title?

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Rumours abound as Primotech 'confirms' that new BioWare MMO will be a Star Wars game.

According to Primotech, a source close to BioWare told them that the new MMO was based around the Knights of the Old Republic series of games, originally made by BioWare. Apparently said game should be expected by 2008. The editor has been quoted as saying “We’ve gotten several emails asking about the validity of this news. The only rumors we post here at Primotech will explicitly be stated as such”.

Ever since BioWare confirmed they were making an MMO in a new studio, rumours have been flying about that said game would be a new Star Wars MMO. In all interviews with BioWare staff, not a single bit of information about this new MMO was given, neither confirming or denying if it was a Star Wars title or not.

The unknown game has been cited as a major reason why EA ended up buying BioWare. With the lineage BioWare has as a Master RPG Maker, and with the strong KOTOR series to draw on, the game would likely be a smash hit, dwarfing the original success of Star Wars: Galaxies.

BioWare has made no comment at time of press, but keep your mouse aimed towards PSU for when they do.

Source: Primotech