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Supreme Commander may come to PS3

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Chris Taylor, founder of Gas Powered Games, revealed to UK gaming publication Pro-G that a console version of Supreme Commander is in development.

In response to whether Supreme Commander would be the first real-time strategy game with a perfect console control scheme, Taylor gave positive hopes.

"I hope so. That's our goal. Especially not to talk too much here because you've almost made me confess that we're working on actually you have. That's good. I like that. This is a secret I want to share”, he said.

Taylor didn't state which platforms the game would be coming to, but he did say it would likely arrive on the Xbox 360 first.

Addressing a PlayStation 3 version, Taylor states, "The hardware is more complex, but it's not out of the question. It's just more time." 

Stay tuned for more developments as we get them.