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PS3 sales growth on par with Xbox 360

Many PlayStation 3 supporters can tell you straight up that while initially seeing a slower than usual start, the PS3 is still on the rise to becoming the dominant gaming platform.

On the other end of the spectrum, cheers remain strong in support for the Xbox 360 as it is outselling Sony’s console by a significant margin. No matter how your opinions sway, what is not commonly known, however, is that the Xbox 360 had a similar start to that of the PS3s.

In a recent chart study conducted by VG Charts, one of the most comprehensive videogame charts in the world, it shows that while the Xbox 360 may have a substantial lead over the PS3 (also note the PS3 came out a full year after the 360), the 360 faced a very similar path that the PS3 is trailing on right now in terms of sales growth.

As you may see, the PS3 is aligned almost identically with the Xbox 360. So in conclusion, the PS3, nearly 52 weeks into its life cycle is on par with what the Xbox 360 had during a similar time frame.  

So what does this mean? It means that the PlayStation 3 isn’t fairing horribly as many people would say it would be.

With titles such as Metal Gear Solid 4 and the Final Fantasy XIII games coming in the near future, as well as the recent price cut, there is no reason why the PS3 cannot dust the Xbox 360 in the coming 2 years and eventually take on the Nintendo Wii.

Source: PS3fanboy