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MoH: Warfighter sales to suffer due to 'poor quality' of previous game

on 31 July 2012

Cowen analyst Doug Creutz has observed that interest in Electronic Arts’ Medal of Honor: Warfighter has waned on the back of the ‘poor quality’ of 2010’s self-titled series reboot.

Speaking to investors this week, Creutz revealed that his Q1 sales forecast for the military shooter has been slashed from 2.3 million to 1.4 million copies as a result of this apparent disinterest.

"This is based on a very soft performance since E3 in Amazon's top-selling game rankings compared to other recent titles," the analyst said in a research note. "We think the most likely culprit for apparent gamer disinterest is the poor quality of the last 'Medal of Honor' game in 2010."

Developed by Danger Close, MoH: Warfighter is due out on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 on October 23, 2012. A PlayStation Vita and Wii U Version is also in the pipeline.

via Forbes