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NetFlix to offer streaming video via PSN?

During a quarterly earnings conference calls, NetFlix has announced its anticipation of growing demand for streaming video content. The company claims that downloadable movies are a serious venture and plans to look into different means of providing such content across many different outputs, potentially including the PS3 as a possible provider of Netflix downloads.

Reed Hastings, Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO of NetFlix, Inc. had the following to say about the company's current stance on streaming video:

"In terms of enabling the viewing of online content on the television screen, we are exploring a variety of options, including Internet connected, high definition DVD players, Internet connected game consoles, and dedicated Internet set tops, with a variety of partners, trying to understand the best ways to provide inexpensive viewing of online content on the television."

While not very specific, Hastings clearly says that internet connected game consoles are being looked at for possible partnerships in this venture. The PlayStation Network and Xbox Live being the only viable options, so there may just be talks in the work on getting streaming video through NetFlix soon.

Source: Seekingalpha.com