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Borderlands 2 dev references Diablo 3 as focus shifts to DLC

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on 7 August 2012

As the development of Borderlands 2 comes to a close, Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford is currently getting his gaming kicks from Diablo 3, a game that has been compared on numerous occasions to the upcomng sequel to the 2009 RPG.

Speaking with IGN, Pitchford chats briefly about his Diablo 3 gaming and compares the ability to change classes and create a new type of experience as similar to Borderlands.

“I’m playing as a Mage but I’m definitely going to also play as a Barbarian so I can chop dudes up with melee weapons instead of casting fireballs,” he explains.

“That changes the whole nature of the experience. There’s a lot of people that play Borderlands like that, as a hobby. Adding characters is more for those kinds of gamers.”

In the interview, Pitchford also revealed that there will be a second female character added to the Borderlands 2 avatar selection and possibly more characters available via DLC packs.

“We’ll probably want to be adding more characters. With Borderlands 1, we did four DLCs, and they killed. We had a lot of fun making them,” he said.

Borderlands 2 is due for release on September 18, 2012. The game will launch with four available classes, but now that development on the main game is complete, Gearbox will shift its attention to working on DLC content, which will kick off with a fifth class, the Mechromancer.