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Uncharted 3 big news incoming as rumours gather pace

on 7 August 2012

UPDATE: The big news is the release of Patch 1.13, which includes multiplayer DLC. The update includes a brand new tournament system. We'll link to our news post very shortly for all the details.

Here's the lowdown on the new patch.

Via its official Facebook page and Twitter account, Naughty Dog has revealed that it’s poised to release some major news relating to Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

“Big #Uncharted3 news coming tomorrow. Check our blog and @IGN for all the details,” tweets @Naughty_Dog.

We have no idea what the announcement is at this point, but there are numerous rumours circling the net, including speculation that Naughty Dog could make it available as a free download for PS+ subscribers. We already know that Sony is planning a big push toward gaining more PS+ subscribers at GamesCom later this month, and having one of the biggest console exclusive games available at no charge would be a sure fire way to get more people on board.

Other rumour-mongers suggest that it will be a title update, or patch that will add to the current multiplayer content, perhaps new co-op missions or features; though it could be something as simple as new multiplayer skins or a new level cap. Maybe we’ll get all the existing DLC for free?

What do you think Naughty Dog has plans? All eyes are on the Naughty Dog Blog, where the news is due to be revealed later today.