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First Sleeping Dogs reviews point to potential summer blockbuster

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on 8 August 2012

The first batch of Sleeping Dogs review scores have cropped up online and the high scores suggest that Square Enix’s open-world crime drama could be one of this year’s surprise hits.

Both the Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) and the Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM) have rated Sleeping Dogs 9/10. “This is the game Saints Row has spent a decade desperate to be, a rollercoaster open-world adventure set in an environment that’s fun to explore and doss about in, and packed to the brim with rousing missions, happy diversions and other amazing stuff,” writes OPM’s Ben Wilson.

The praise continues with OXM’s review where they refer to “a gripping vision of Hong Kong which sports breakneck driving, a sharp, well-acted storyline and varied missions.” The full reviews aren’t online yet, but both editions of the magazines are available in the shops.

We’ll have a full review of Sleeping Dogs up prior to its August 17 release date.