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PS Vita firmware v1.8 locks memory cards

on 28 August 2012

A lesser-advertised feature of PlayStation Vita's firmware v1.8 has been discovered.

As soon as you download the update - which brings many requested features such as PSOne game support -  you can no longer change the PSN account associated to your memory card without formatting the card itself. If you try and change the account, you are greeted with the following message:

(full credit goes to the member Jucksable from NeoGAF)

If you select Cancel the Vita behaves as if no memory card is inserted in the unit.

Since the PS Vita launched Sony has been criticised due to the high RRP of the memory cards, though so far has yet to slash the price of the accessory. Following the release of the Vita's latest firmware it is safe to suggest that demand for memory cards has just increased as many Playstation users have multiple PSN accounts so they can access as much content as possible.

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Article by Dan