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'Circle of Mana' trademarked, new Square Enix RPG on the way?

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on 7 September 2012

Square Enix's Mana RPG series hasn't seen a PlayStation release since 2007's Dawn of Mana on PlayStation 2, but that could soon change thanks to a recent trademark.

The title 'Circle of Mana' has been registered by the RPG publisher, alongside names like Agent 47, Ultima Box (likely related to the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box), and Wizardlings. While the ratio of PlayStation to Nintendo systems for Mana releases doesn't favor the Sony side, it's not unreasonable to think that Square could be prepping a sequel for release on PlayStation Vita or PlayStation 3.

While we wait for an official announcement, let us know what RPG series you'd like to see on PlayStation Vita in the comments below.

Thanks, Gematsu.