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PS3 Outsells Xbox 360 2:1 in EU

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Vgchartz has just released their European hardware sales for the month, and the sales are definitely nothing short of interesting. PlayStation 3 fans of the console will find closure in the fact that the PlayStation 3 console has outsold the 360 nearly by a 2:1 margin.

Europe is currently the PlayStation 3 consoles largest market, and it does not go unnoticed that the special starter packs announced back at E3 and the price drops helped to increase the numbers far beyond their earlier primes.

Currently in Europe, there are various starter packs which contain the console, two games made by SCEA and two SixAxis controllers for a very decent price. According to Sony around July of 07, "The choice of first party games available in the Starter Pack will vary to suit the interests of entertainment enthusiasts in each country, but will include million sellers such as launch title Resistance:Fall of Man and MotorStorm". Of course, these starter packs aren’t the only thing to warrant such a high esteem from Europe. There is the vast library of numerous PS3 games which span an entire genre.

With Ratchet & Clank, Folklore, Eye of Judgment released, and Uncharted soon to come in addition to many third party titles, there isn’t really any surprise as to why the reception is showing a significant gain towards the platform in Europe. Hopefully, and likely, the trend will start in Western regions and build upon the numbers further as more and more of these games are released for entertainment enthusiasts.

The following are the Console Weekly Total:

PS3   73,614  (Total: 1,953,642)
PS2   70,057  (Total: 44,272,772)
PSP   51,757  (Total: 8,641,209)
x360  38,212 (Total: 3,860,039)
GBA   5,634     (Total: 21,296,451)

Currently, the Wii is still outselling both the PS3 and x360, but everyone should keep in mind that the main basis for the console of the Wii is a casual market.