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Starhawk patch v1.4 brings three new game modes

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on 20 September 2012

Those of you currently enjoying blasting things to pieces in Lightbox Interactive's Starhawk, will be happy to know there is not one, not two, but three brand new modes arriving shortly.

Coming in patch 1.4, will be three new modes Gatekeeper, Assault and Arena Deathmatch. They'll alsol be completely free for owners of the game.

Gatekeeper takes players into hawk-only battles, where teamwork will be key to winning battles. Players will have to pick up an energy ball which they will then have to fly through several target gates to increase the value of the ball, without being blown apart, and fly it through the centre target gate to gain points.

Assault consists of teams defending territory from attacking clans, but when territory is lost they cannot re-capture it and must then fall back to hold the next area of the map. In each round the objective will switch for each team, from defender to attacker and vice versa.The team that holds the most territory at the end of the round wins.

Arena Deathmatch brings sheer madness and chaos to keep you on your toes. Players are on their own, with sparse vehicles, random dropping buildings, fast drop pods, smaller maps and faster spawn times.

Click here to watch the new Starhawk trailer.