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Fox to release first Picture in Picture enabled Blu-ray

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Well it seems that Fox will be the first to put out a Blu-ray disc with picture in picture, this January.

While this may not seem like such big news, it actually is. HD DVD has had a few titles release with PIP, giving the format a heads up to movie enthusiasts. Also, it has confused many as to why Blu-ray, with much more disc space, couldn't do something as simple as showing two videos on screen at once.

Well that will all change soon.

In the next few months, Blu-ray will be getting its specifications. In this update, compatible Blu-ray players, including the PlayStation 3, will be able at access new features such as PIP, online access, and other Java support.

Sunshine, a sci-fi thriller from Fox Entertainment will release on Blu-ray with support for PIP, the first to do so. Hopefully it won't be long until other major studios jump on the bandwagon and start releasing titles with more features too.

Stay tuned for all the latest Blu-ray news.