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DICE keen on Battlefield 2142 sequel

on 26 September 2012

DICE’s Lars Gustavsson has revealed he’s keen on producing a sequel to Battlefield 2142, the futuristic first-person shooter that hit PC back in 2006.

Quizzed during a live chat as to whether a follow-up was in the works, Gustavsson replied: “No, it’s currently not but I would love to make it.”

He went on to add that placing Battlefield in a futuristic universe allowed for a degree of creative freedom after having worked on historical settings for a while.

"I would love to do it," he continued. "When we announced in the studio that we were going to build Battlefield 2142, a lot of people ran over and wanted to apply for that team.

"I guess that the creative freedom that comes with a fictional world is something that's tempting when you have made games around historical and contemporary settings for a longer time."

Elsewhere, Gustavsson touched on the future of the Bad Company series:

"Last we heard from the misfits in Bad Company was a postcard in June from Bahamas where Haggard and the group had opened up a beach bar," he joked. "It's really up to them...will keep you posted... ;)"

DICE is currently busy working on Battlefield 4, which will be released in FY2014. As with its predecessor, the military shooter will take place in a contemporary setting as opposed to a World War II or futuristic universe.

A beta for Battlefield 4 is scheduled to begin in fall 2013. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, let us know in the comments section if you’d like to see a sequel to Battlefield 2142 arrive on PlayStation 3, or perhaps even Sony’s next-generation console.