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Dead or Alive 5 online issues to be addressed

on 2 October 2012

Dead or Alive 5’s on-going online issues are being looked into by Tecmo Koei, the company has confirmed.

Writing on the official Dead or Alive Facebook page, the publisher said that it is looking into releasing an update to remedy the problems, which have marred the action since launch.

“Can’t confirm any dates yet but just to let you know that we’re looking into updating DOA5’s online functions and fix some of the known issues reported to date,” it reads.

“We’re looking into working on prioritized and quick fix issues making them available as an update ASPA. Issues requiring additional attention and time will be considered at a later stage.”

Dead or Alive 5 launched last week for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, though sadly the online component has been plagued with a shoddy netcode and latency issues. Hopefully DOA5’s issues will be polished up as the game itself isn’t half bad.

Stay tuned to PSU.com for more details.