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Crisis Core, FF Type-O dev would like to develop a game for PS Vita

on 3 October 2012

Hope springs eternal for Final Fantasy fans and PlayStation Vita owners alike, as the director of PSP hits Final Fantasy Type-0, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, and The 3rd Birthday has expressed his desire to develop a game for the sales-deficient handheld.

Hajime Tabata was enthusiastic about PS Vita in an interview with Sony after being awarded for exceeding sales expectations with Final Fantasy Type-0. "I’ve always been creating Final Fantasy titles for the PSP, so I personally have an interest in a bigger device at the moment," he said. ". . . as one who creates games, the PSV is also the only hardware that can show such HQ graphics on a screen of that size with such high density and brightness."

While Tabata didn't reference plans for a specific PS Vita title, he did mention that the original vision for Final Fantasy Type-0 pegged the game as a full, console-quality Final Fantasy experience on a portable. "In the past, we created [Final Fantasy] Type-0 with the intention of completely investing a full-scale FF game on a portable console," he explained. ". . . so although I can’t say anything about the present, if there is a chance I would definitely love to create a game for the PSV."

Is there hope for a Type-0 port onto PlayStation Vita? Will Square bring a completely unique Final Fantasy installment to Sony's struggling handheld? Only time will tell, so stay glued to PSU.com for more developments as they unfold.



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