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New Beowulf details/influences revealed

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Ubisoft Associate Game Manager, Alexandre Remy, recently had the opportunity to sit down with IGN to discuss the company’s forthcoming title, Beowulf: The Game.

PlayStation Universe decided to give you some of the key points in the interview, detailed below.

-- As Beowulf: The Game is a licensed game inspired by a film; Remy believes that not all licensed games are bad and points to Chronicles of Riddick as a prime example of a worthy film inspired title.

-- Due to the mature nature of the film, the game is targeted towards adult, hardcore gamers.

-- While the film will be a great compliment to the game, the game's success is not dependant on the film's success.

-- The development team has been working on the game for more than a year and a half to try to keep pace with the film's release. Because the team knew the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter engine well, the development process went smoothly given the fact that Beowulf used that same engine.

-- While God of War has been a main inspiration behind the title, the development team decided to implement tactical elements to differentiate Beowulf from SCE Santa Monica’s visceral PS2 action adventure. 

-- Alexandre Remy describes Beowulf: The Game as "God of War meets Pikmin".

-- Because games are becoming more and more complex, to make things simple, the developers of Beowulf looked into quicktime events to normalize things.

-- They believe that Rockstar didn't go too far with Manhunt 2. Remy believes that as long as a game is kept within fantasy, then the violence should not present such a huge problem. It is only when the setting is much more realistic when the game presents a moral problem, such as Grand Theft Auto IV.

Beowulf: The Game is a title inspired by the upcoming eponymous film release directed by Robert Zemeckis. In the game, you assume the role of Beowulf, a warrior that has a following of 30 men. The story starts out with the gamer traveling to Denmark to bring down a beast that has been creating chaos within the region. From there the game continues as players are thrust into the throne as King where even more evil pursues.

Look for Beowulf: The Game to release in North America on November 13th, Australia November 22nd, and Europe later in November.