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"Uncharted will be a franchise," says Naughty Dog

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on 31 October 2007

Christophe Balestra, Co-Vice President of Naughty Dog, has hinted that the company plans to create a sequel for its forthcoming Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, suggesting it would be a “waste” if the team did not do so.

"Crash was a franchise, Jak & Daxter was a franchise and yes of course Uncharted will be a franchise," said Balestra, in an interview with website Opposable Thumbs.

"It takes a lot of effort to create a universe like Uncharted and there is so much more we want to do. It would be a waste if we didn't have a sequel to make it even better than the first one."

Elsewhere, he claimed that the title utilizes only "30 percent" of the PlayStation 3’s Cell processor, hinting that the follow up will look even more visually impressive.

"We already have very sophisticated technology and we'll push to the next level for our next game," he stated.

Balestra further added that he feels some companies are experiencing difficulties when developing for the PS3, but remained firm that Sony is aiding third party’s as much as possible.

"I think the PS3 is the machine of the future, the transition might not be super easy but Sony knows and is helping third-party developers”, he said.

“If you look at other industries we just have to deal with a multicore processor and in companies like Google programmers probably deal with thousands of machines, so in terms of complexity I think it's totally manageable."

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is due out exclusively on PS3 from November 20.

Source: CVG