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007 Legends Skyfall mission due out early November

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on 19 October 2012

007 Legend’s Skyfall mission will be available as DLC on November 9, publishing giant Activision has confirmed.

The James Bond actioner, which hit U.S. stores on Tuesday and arrives in the U.K. today, features five missions out of the box, with the sixth level  - based on Daniel Craig’s upcoming spy flick – only available as post-release content.

Every Bond era is represented in the game, though Craig’s likeness is being used to portray the martini-drinking British secret agent. The missions are as follows: Goldfinger (Sean Connery-era), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (George Lazenby-era), Moonraker (Roger Moore-era) Licence to Kill (Timothy Dalton-era) and Die Another Day (Pierce Brosnan-era).

Skyfall’s mission will complete the set by representing the Daniel Craig offerings. According to developer Eurocom, the level is “an integral part of 007 Legend’s story.”

"The action from the film bookends the other missions and we've built the overarching narrative of the game around a pivotal event that occurs early on in the film," the developer told the PS Blog.

"During the Skyfall mission, we visit two striking locations that have been faithfully recreated from the film, and we also feature some of the film's fantastic acting talent, including Daniel Craig as Bond."

Interestingly, the Skyfall DLC will be exclusive to PS3 for a limited time in North America; it’ll release there on November 9 for Sony’s black behemoth, and on Xbox 360 from November 20.