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Anarchy Reigns release date announced

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on 19 October 2012

Anarchy Reigns, the multiplayer-centric actioner from Platinum Games, will finally be released in western regions in January 2013.

Specifically, the game will turn up in North America on January 8 and hit Europe a few days later on January 13. It’ll carry a slightly cheaper price tag however, clocking in at $29.99/£19.99.

Japan got the title back in July, though the game was delayed for the west despite having already been localised and ready to roll earlier this summer.

Anarchy Reigns features a host of iconic Platinum characters duking it out in a massive, bleak world overrun with mutants and other hostilities. The game supports up to 16 players online, and includes support for both cooperative and competitive play in game modes such as Survival and Battle Royale.

Stay tuned to for more details.