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Vita development easier than iOS, says StarDrone dev

on 24 October 2012

Given the substantial degree of talk about the ease of game and app development for iOS, it may surprise you to hear that PlayStation Vita development is apparently even easier.

That's according to StarDrone Extreme developer Beatshapers, who impressed PS Vita launch-time buyers with a vivid puzzler and satisfactory follow-up to the PlayStation 3's original StarDrone. In an interview with GamingBolt (via PSLS), Beatshapers CEO and founder Alexey Menshikov described how minis are developed on PSP dev kits and playable on PS Vita through an emulator. He also proclaimed that game development for PS Vita is even easier than for iOS, despite a slight difficulty curve that comes with learning the hardware. "But from our Star Drone Extreme PS Vita launch title development experience and other games we are developing right now – yes it’s easier to develop on Vita than even on iOS," he described. "The difference is, there is a certain knowledge threshold required to qualify, but it is easy to develop for sure. PS Vita is amazing device, very powerful and solid, it’s a pity that other developers are not jumping on the wagon."

If Menshikov's words act as a beacon to draw other developers to the warmth of economic success that may one day be PS Vita development, who are we to complain?