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Hollywood studios back PS3, Blu-ray

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Unlike the console war where diversity and competition is obligatory to promote creativeness and quality, the high definition format war takes a different approach.

No matter how one may view it, 5 years from now, people cannot still be forced into the question of which to follow, Blu-ray or HD DVD. Eventually there has to be a victor.

However, that conclusion appears to have been already decided by some, as many major movie studios begins to speak out about the current format war and how Blu-ray will eventually triumph over the competition.

"PS3 is an incredible gaming platform that just happens to be a really great Blu-ray player, too ... Interestingly, there is a lot of crossover between the early adopter, the PlayStation 3 purchaser and the products that are being released early in Blu-ray's life cycle. A lot of the more male-oriented titles that we're releasing, the sales numbers indicate they're being played on PS3s”, said 20th Century Fox’s VP, Steve Feldstein.

Additionally, Ron Schwartz, Vice President for Lionsgate Home Entertainment commented: "I think PS3 is going to be a gift people are going to be giving this Christmas ... The great thing about PS3 is that it's a multipurpose media device that can play in the living room without the purchase of any additional components."

That comment alone proves the fact that minus videogames, the PlayStation 3 is already a state of the art home entertainment device, and that is without the support of videogames. Walt Disney Studios’ Gordon Ho also added:

"High definition on PS3 is really pretty simple ... If you're going to hook up your PS3, take advantage of the movie capabilities."

Beyond that Gordon Ho went on to say that movie studios in support of Blu-ray need to invest more time in educating their consumers about the PlayStation 3’s movie format. Meaning, simply, that they need to portray the PS3 not as a videogame console that just happens to play Blu-ray, but a well-rounded home entertainment device that can play Blu-ray as well as videogames laterally.

So there you have it, the movie industry is taking note to the PlayStation 3’s power to handle Blu-ray enough to be seen as a core player itself. Most people who has been following the PS3 already knew this, but now its time for movie studios and even Sony themselves to step up to the plate and market the PS3 the way it should be marketed so that it can reach that Blu-ray audience.

Source: PS3fanboy