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EU PlayStation Store Weekly Update (Nov. 1st)

November is here and so are the downloads. The latest EU PSN update includes many things which include demos that were not even scheduled to be released today. Here’s the full release list:

•    Tori Emaki PlayStation Eye game (£1.99)
•    Mesmerize Playstaion Eye game (£1.99)
•    Feel Ski game (£4.99)
•    Juiced 2: HIN demo (free)
•    Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo (free)
•    Motorstorm Revenge Weekend trailer (free)
•    PlayStation Eye trailer (free)
•    Lair “Call of the Beast” trailer (free)
•    Uncharted “Introducing Naughty Dog” trailer (free)
•    Uncharted “The Characters and Music” trailer (free)
•    Uncharted wallpaper (free)
•    Eye of Judgement “How to Play” trailer (free)
•    Alien Vs Predator Requiem movie trailer (free)
•    Hitman movie trailer (free)

But wait, there’s more! According to Threespeech, a lot  more expected to come for the rest of November which includes games such has Crash Bandicoot 2, add ons such as Resistance: Fall of man map packs, and videos, of which include 4 Uncharted trailers. Threespeech also has a small December PSN line up in the works and you can view both November and December lists here.