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Midway promises no more PS3 tech issues

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Feeling a bit of guilt, video-games developer/publisher Midway, the team behind Unreal Tournament 3 recently made some apologetic comments towards the PlayStation 3 and the fan base.

In response to the technological difficulties encountered during the development phase for the PS3 versions of Stranglehold and Unreal Tournament 3, Midway CEO David F. Zucker commented, "For our first wave of next-gen games... lead development has been on the Xbox 360, due to its earlier introduction and larger installed base. We ran into some technical issues developing for the PlayStation 3 that have taken more time to finalize than we expected."

So Zucker points out that they have indeed found problems developing on the PS3 but will result to fix them in the future. To reassure that idea, Zucker went on to add, "These include... making sure that the frame rate, networking, and graphical features are at parity between the platforms. We've also encountered challenges as a result of shipping two of the very first PS3 games using Epic's Unreal Engine 3." Concluding it he added, “We do believe that these technical issues are now complete at a core level in our engine. Looking ahead to 2008, we expect the PS3 versions of our titles to ship day and date...with the Xbox 360 and other SKUs.”

To bring it all together, Midway really does have concern for the PlayStation 3’s fan base. They do understand that the PS3 carries a large portion of their success and they will do anything possible to ensure that their development projects on the PS3 receive the same top quality treatment as the Xbox 360 and PC projects, if not better. This is goodwill to Midway for coming out and saying this as many developers are quick to jump to conclusions complaining about how hard it is to develop on the PS3. At least Midway is taking the aim to impede such problems.

Source: GameSutra