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Uncharted: Fight for Fortune officially unveiled

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on 19 November 2012

Sony Bend Studio has officially lifted the wraps off Uncharted: Fight for Fortune after news of the game leaked last week.

As previously reported, Fight for Fortune isn’t a full-fledged action-adventure starring everyone’s favourite treasure hunter, but rather a turn-based card title. It’ll be released exclusively for PlayStation Vita in early December 2012.

Fight for Fortune features a host of famous faces from Naughty Dog’s acclaimed PlayStation-exclusive series, including heroes, villains and mercenaries. The aim of the game is to create a team of Faction cards made up of these groups in an attempt to defeat your opponent while also defending yourself.

Players can equip Resource and Fortune cards to each Faction, bolstering their stats and giving them special abilities. Combat sees you draining the health of opposing Faction cards or your opponent’s health directly. Wipe out an opposing Faction card and it is removed from play, while knocking your opponent’s health to zero bags you the game.

Fight for Fortune will also accompany the release of a new patch for Golden Abyss, which powers up the artefacts you have collected for immediate use within Sony Bend’s latest Uncharted title.

While a price has yet to be announced for Europe, Sony has confirmed that the U.S. version will retail for $5 and will be released on December 4.

Stay tuned for more info on Fight for Fortune as we get it.