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Devil May Cry 4 Special DVD revealed

The long awaited title Devil May Cry 4 from Capcom will be a heavy hitter in early 2008. There is no doubt that gamers will be thrown into an exceptional experience as they continue an already intriguing story. However, for those who pre-order, that experience will be expanded to a whole new level.

The Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition DVD will be jam packed with in-depth behind the scenes material such as making of features and other great commentary. The Special Edition is only available to those who pre-order the game and is in very limited supply, so fans do no hesitate to reserve your copy. Recently Capcom revealed the DVD art for the Japanese version of the Special Edition disc and it all looks very cool.

Devil May Cry 4 is the fourth installment in what could be considered one of the greatest gaming franchises. In DMC4, players take control of a character by the name of Nero, who just recently found out about his unique set of powers. Nero is a young knight who happened to be in the presence at the time when Donte, Sparda’s renowned son, destroyed all of his followers. New to the series is a new-fangled combat system that integrates Nero’s “Devil Bringer”.

Devil May Cry 4 is a Capcom production and will release onto the PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360. The North American and European markets can get the game in February 2008 with the Japanese release coming a month earlier. Be on the watch for more Devil May Cry 4 coverage from PlayStation Universe soon.

Source: Onaxis