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SEGA dates classic beat-'em-ups for PSN, XBLA

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on 21 November 2012

SEGA’s confirmed that a trio of classic retro fighters will be released for PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade later this month.

The games include 90s brawlers Fighter Vipers, Sonic the Fighters and Virtua Fighter 2, and will hit Sony’s online service on November 27 in North America, priced $4.99. Xbox 360 owners get it the next day in Europe and the U.S. for 400 Microsoft Points per game.

Meanwhile, European PSN owners will have to wait until December 5, where the games will retail for £3.69/€4.49.

They’re not just straight ports either. SEGA confirmed that all titles will come armed with online multiplayer and Trophies/Achievements, and will be based off the original arcade release.

Fancy a quick history lesson? Of course you do. First up, Fighting Vipers was released in arcades back in 1995 before being ported to Sega Saturn, while Sonic the Fighters never saw the light of day on a home console until the mid-2000s with the Sonic Gems Collection. Finally, Virtua Fighter 2 hit arcades in 1994 and arrived on the Saturn the following year.

Fortunately we’re old enough to know that all three games are worth checking out, although in the case of Sonic the Fighters it might be more out of sheer curiosity rather than the gameplay itself.

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