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Survey says PS Vita is Japan's most desired console

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on 22 January 2013

A new survey conducted by Famitsu has revealed that PlayStation Vita is the most desired piece of hardware that Japanese gamers want to buy in 2013.

The survey revealed that a mighty 64 per cent of those polled had plans to invest in Sony’s high-tech handheld this year. Nintendo 3DS followed with 48 per cent.

This may not come as a surprise considering PS Vita hasn’t exactly rocketed off the shelves, and has one of the smallest installed bases in Japan.

The survey was also aimed predominantly at males, with Famitsu tending to be read more by hardcore gamer than causal punters.

Sony recently admitted that sales of PS Vita were at the ‘low end of expectations,’ so let’s just hope that those who are keen on investing in the system go ahead and drop their cash sharpish.

See below for the full result of the survey.

PS Vita - 64%
3DS - 48%
Wii U - 34%
PS3 - 25%
PC - 14%
Xbox 360 - 11%
Smartphone - 10%
PSP - 10%
Wii - 9%
iPad - 7%
DSi / DSiXL - 5%
iPhone - 5%
iPod Touch - 4%
Other - 2%