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History: Legends of War U.K. release date

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on 22 January 2013

History: Legends of War will be released in the U.K. on March 8, 2013, publisher PQube has revealed.

Developed by Slitherine from the ground-up with home consoles in mind, Legends of War fuses strategy, RPG and action elements as you take part in some of WIorld War II's most bloody battles.

As the U.S. Third Army's General George Patton, players will be able to wage war with over 36 units across 21 missions as you survive countless battles across Europe to your ultimate goal: overthrow the Nazi stronghold of Berlin, Germany.

Gamers can level-up for each available unit on the battlefield, and in a departure from most strategy titles you’ll have complete control over combat. As such, you can choose which weapon to utilize and take advantage of manual targeting and aiming.

History: Legends of War will be released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PC and Xbox 360.